Three platforms

Odense&Co arbejder ud fra tanken, at hvis vi gør, som vi plejer, så får vi de resultater, vi plejer at få.
Med dette udgangspunkt er de 3 platforme for virksomheders vækst blevet skabt.
Disse 3 platforme er under konstant udvikling, men favner det spektre af muligheder, som virksomheder kan få gavn af i Odense.
I Odense&Co gør vi alt for, at virksomheder får de bedste muligheder for at vokse.


World-class knowledge

This platform, focuses on matching knowledge with businesses.
Connecting businesses directly with the right knowledge, solution, institution or the initiative that provides your business with further growth and devolopment opportunities.

Some of the many opportunities for businesses to explore new ways are found here:

  • University of Southern Denmark
  • The Maersk Mc-Kinney Moller Institute
  • Danish Technological Institute
  • Lillebaelt Academy University of Applied Sciences
  • University College Lillebaelt
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ACCELERATORS – fast-track your company’s growth

In this platform you will find the physical capabilities of Odense, to facilitate your growth.
You can find a talented and well educated workforce, start-up programs, venture capital and test facilities which have been used by large companies such as Honda and Fuji Machines within the health tech business.

Here is a selection of posibilities that kan help you company grow:

  • Testfacilities
  • Capital / Investments / Venture Capital
  • Talents
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O’World is the network connected to the City of Odense, the network that enables your business to go out in to the world and bring the world to Odense.
Whether it is the City´s Business partnership’s or the highly specialized network within our focus areas of robotics, drones and health technology.

Networking to the mutual gain for businesses and the city.

  • The City of Odense’s own netowrk
  • Global city business partnerships
  • Highly specialized cluster networks
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