World-class knowledge and network

City of Odense creates growth through partnerships between businesses, organisations and people. Our strategy to achieve success includes helping new and existing companies to accelerate growth, offering a physical location that inspires and supports innovation and introducing a global network that enables businesses to grow further and faster. We are also the proud host of the annual Thinkers50 – European Business Forum where top executives from all over Europe meet, network and spark new ideas.


Thinkers50 – European Business Forum – Odense Denmark, Sep. 25-26 2019


Thinkers50 – European Business Forum – Odense Denmark, Sep. 25-26 2019

Odense attracts investors

Attractive conditions for entrepreneurs, the raising of capital for growing enterprises and door-opening for customers and partners is creating results. This is the conclusion about Odense, where they aggressively implement a policy of growth with less focus on reports, talk and advice and more focus on practical help, concrete results and more capital.

World-class partnership

With an annual investment of DKK 100 million through to 2020, the department Odense&Co is the most ambitious venture in business promotion throughout the history of the City
of Odense.

A true triple helix collaboration between the City of Odense, private actors and the public educational institutions.

The City of Odense – an epicentre of growth

Massive investments are going into the soil in the City of Odense these years.
A new super hospital, an expanding university, light rail system throughout the city and the music and theater house ODEON are just some of those investments.

Local businesses are experiencing an interesting transition from traditional industryi into robot and IT based products.
Contact Invest in Odense, if your business wants to be a part of this adventure.