A network that strenghtens the city

O’World is the network connected to the City of Odense and this extensive network focuses on three areas:

  • Helping businesses into the world
  • Helping the world come to Odense
  • Getting the City of Odense on the global radar
Odense&Co is continually working on expanding its network, nationally and internationally.
Making this network available to local businesses and helping local business connect internationally.

There are many succes stories from Odense at the moment, on the business side there are many large investments in the city’s development and on the cultural side there are many succesful events that attracts people to Odense.

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The City of Odense is working on global CITY business partnerships, which can strengthen the position within robot, drones and health technology

The City of Odense is home to a number of unique opportunities that businesses can tap in to.

There are formal clusternetworks within the three focus areas.

Odense Robotics

Odense Health

UAS Denmark

The City of Odense has an investment promotion unit working with these three areas, Invest in Odense and they can help you connect to these clusters.