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In this platform you will find the physical capabilities of Odense, to facilitate your growth.
You can find a talented and well educated workforce, start-up programs, venture capital and test facilities which have been used by large companies such as Honda and Fuji Machines within the health tech business.

In the City of Odense, you will find a large palette of institutions which forms the foundation of a large talentmass which we need to nurture. We need talents and young minds to prosper in the future.
They will create new things, develop on existing technologies and in the future they will make the City of Odense a great city.

In order to maintain talents within the IT and technology business, Technology Denmark has been created. They are located in Odense and is focusing on how to collaborate both nationally and internationally to attract the talent that is needed in Odense.
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A wide range of talent is available through the existing educational institutions located in the City of Odense.

UAS testcenter Denmark
In 2011, an idea of establishing a Danish UAS testcenter with great facilities and a strong infrastructure aspired. today HCA Airport in Odense is capable of offering not only the airspace required but also a newly renovated business park.

UAS Test Center Denmark and the ministry of traffic has developed the arial space in a way that offers the opportunity to test and operate drones. This work has also prospered a shortere and more efficient approval proces. The mission is to make HCA Airport the leading cluster of drone technologies in Europe.

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Danish Technological Institute in Odense has with their new addition, a robot hall for robotic technologies, added an extra 700 square meters to their robotic focus. The robot hall is housing the development of future robotic ideas and innovation in collaboration with locla companies.

The opening of the robot hall acted as the beginning of Odense Robotics Startup Hub, where the focus is on development of startups within robotics.